Relationship Capital

Tencap focuses on two aspects of Relationship Capital:

Capital with a Financial Coach-

A Financial Coach should motivate you, provide discipline, clarify, simplify, and help you experience more abundance. A coach’s job is to ask you the right questions, to which you can find answers for yourself.

These things build Relationship Capital with a Financial Coach and are necessary to achieve true peace-of-mind. On the other hand, a Financial Planner is one that focuses on products, enables dysfunctional behavior, and does whatever it takes to make the sell. Planning is the problem. Coaching is the solution.

Capital with Loved Ones –

Too many times we miss out on opportunities to build capital with others because we are worried about money. We worry about the market. We worry about our income. We worry about how much dinner is going to cost. As a result, time goes by and relationships flounder. By increasing your Intellectual Capital and Financial Capital, you will be free to focus on building Relationship Capital with those you love.