Interview with Greg

What is the current state of investors?

Many investors have thrown in the towel when it comes to investing in the market. However, returns are there for the taking if an investor can stay disciplined and not get caught up in the wall street marketing machine.

Biggest mistake investors make?

One of the most important questions that every investor needs to answer is, “When it comes to building your portfolio, do you know exactly what you are doing and why?”
In this video Greg Black, president of Tencap, explains one of the biggest mistakes an investor can make.

How do you help Investors?

There are Three very important things that a Financial Coach does to help investors. In this video Greg Black, President of Tencap explains what those three things are and how it benefits investors.

What makes you different?

With so many people willing to offer financial advice, what makes Tencap different. Listen to Greg Black, President of Tencap, describe what makes working with Tencap a unique experience.

Why should I hire you?

Any advisor that you look to hire and bring into your life should be able to answer the simple question, “Why should I hire you?”
Listen to Greg Black, President of Tencap, explain why clients hire him to guide them through the waters of financial planning.