Frequently Asked Questions

What is it that motivated you to choose the financial industry as your profession?

Growing up I always thought I would be a dentist. So in college I took all the classes to be able to join my Dad, brothers and uncles in dentistry. However, I never felt the excitement for the profession they seemed to have. During a particularly tough semester in college my Grandpa Black, who worked in the financial services industry, passed away. Between loosing a hero and trying to plan for the rest of my life, it was a difficult time for me.

At my Grandpa’s funeral I was able to meet people that he had worked with during his career. They spoke with respect for him and the work he had done. It left an impression on me that caused me to look more into the financial industry. I like to believe that because my Grandpa was so passionate about his profession he silently nudged me towards the career. As I studied the possibilities I liked the idea of owning a business that could provide a means to build great relationships and work with people to create a better future for themselves and their families.

What is the most important thing for an investor to know about the investing process?

No media outlet, financial guru or advisor has the ability to predict where the market is going to go. The market is random and unpredictable, so it is important to stay disciplined and avoid speculating. Wall Street knows that if they can get you to believe that the market can be predicted then you will go to their websites, watch their television shows, and buy their magazines. They also know that this will cause you to continually move your money around which will generate commissions for these large firms. If any of these people actually did know where the market was heading, they wouldn’t tell you.

What kind of people do you work with?

I work with people who want to understand the how’s and why’s of investing. People that want to become educated as to what they are doing with their money. That may sound like everyone, but my experience is that some people just want to know where they should invest, and then they hand over their assets to an advisor. The problem with that is that at the first sign of a down market those people are the ones that panic and make mistakes. Because they never took the time to become educated they end up making unwise decisions with their portfolio. I find that educated investors are disciplined investors, and disciplined investors are far more likely to be successful investors.

Does your approach to investing work for everyone?

My approach works for people who are coachable and proactive learners. My Dad always told me to never think that I had “arrived.” He felt that it was important for me to know that there was always something new that I could learn. By applying his advice I’ve learned that the 4 most dangerous words to our progress are, “I already know that.” My approach to investing works for people who want to improve and are willing to be coached.

What is the first step to getting started in this process?

The first step is to get real with your current situation and see if there are problems that you want to solve. If there are no problems, then there is no point in talking about solutions. This is accomplished through a complete inventory of your current financial strategy. That means really getting in and analyzing what has worked, what hasn’t, and determine what results you want to achieve. Having complete peace of mind in the investment process is something that anyone can achieve with the right tools and knowledge. I love helping investors achieve that confidence and look forward to coaching them for years to come.