The Market Has To Go Down Soon, Right?!?

In the last week I’ve had three or four conversations like this, “Greg, the market has to crash sometime soon. It just has to!!! Am I wrong about that? Is it a good time to take my money out? Should I hold on to my cash until the crash happens and then invest it??” My […]

Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do As an investor coach I have two primary objectives and obligations to clients: 1. To ultimately provide the tools and coaching that enable my clients to arrive at the most important place for investors: peace of mind with respect to their investments — mainly by having them commit to a […]

Dividend Investing Trap

Recently I’ve had quite a few people asking me about investing in “High Quality Dividend Paying Stocks.”  It is frequently brought up and it sounds logical, so I wanted to address some thoughts on that type of strategy. Dividend investing is where an investor, in most cases an investor in or approaching retirement, identifies stocks of […]

The Crash is Never the Problem!

Have you seen what the market has done the past couple of weeks? It has been a rough ride. I have had a few concerned calls and so I wanted to get some thoughts out to you about what is going on. Here is the thing… The crash is never the problem! It is concerning to […]

Is It Safe?

Is It Safe? By: Fred Taylor Perhaps one of the biggest conundrums that investors face is determining if “right now” is a “safe” time to invest (meaning not just the present, but any time). What makes it difficult for investors is a twofold issue: in most cases, a lack of historical knowledge and perspective and […]

Barbecue Grills and Investment Accounts

I want to let you know about one of the most commonly used sales pitch lines in the investment industry. “We will constantly watch and monitor your investment accounts.” Just hearing it exudes confidence, but the follow up question that never gets asked is, “What exactly are you going to be watching?” The problem with […]

Coaching vs. Financial Planning

How is coaching different from financial planning? I’m going to use a sports analogy from my football days to answer this. Financial planning is a similar process to what I used to go through to get fitted for my football pads at the beginning of each season. I would go meet with the equipment manager […]