Greg BlackMeet the Coach

Greg Black is a financial coach that sparks changes in the way people view wealth management. His approach shifts from the traditional financial models that rely on static math equations and instead focuses on the real problems that people experience. Some of those problems include fears about the future, information overload, emotional-based decisions, breaking the rules of investing, and not knowing if the right steps are being taken. Analyzing spreadsheets and calculating rates of return does not solve these problems. They require real and candid conversations.

Greg values great relationships. When sitting down with Greg people quickly notice his enthusiasm to learn from them and to listen to what their experiences have taught them. The strength of his business is that he enjoys people. He also enjoys sharing through books, articles, web programs, and workshops what his experience has taught him.

Greg started in the financial industry in 2006 after graduating from Brigham Young University. He worked with Guardian & Park Avenue Securities from 2006-2012. In 2013 Greg formed Tencap to be able to provide an independent perspective that better fit his coaching approach.

Greg is a sports fan, especially football, basketball and tennis. During the fall he loves watching college football. He is married to Lindsey Black and they have four sons Cal, Trey, Reggie and Ty

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